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Fine Art Contexts Essay (Opinion)

In this essay I will compare three works of Art and examine their readability to the contemporary viewer. The contemporary viewer in this case is myself, and I will be looking at the works through the prism of my own cultural heritage and understanding. The intention of a work is not a matter of irrefutable fact: rather it is always open to interpretation. As Fish (1993 p.55-56) states “…intention… is made when perceptual or interpretive closure is hazarded; it is verifiable by an interpretive act… it is recognized as soon as you decide about it…”. The reader, or in the case of this essay the viewer, creates meaning simply through the act of viewing, interpreting and recognizing the individual nature of that interpretation. Given that “All understanding is necessarily and by nature intrinsic...” (Hirsch Jr. 1993 p.54) it becomes necessary to state the basic parameters through which I have viewed the following works. I am: a woman; a feminist; Generation Y by default; consider myself t…

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