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Image Analysis (Opinion): It's A Man's World, Pauline Boty

It’s A Man’s World I and II were painted by the UK Pop Artist Pauline Boty over 1964 and 1965. It’s A Man’s World I is on the left and It’s A Man’s World II is on the right. Both are painted using oils in Boty’s signature style of photorealistic collage, assembled as if cut straight from newspapers and magazines.
It’s A Man’s World I depicts prominent male figures across a wide variety of professions as well as eras, painted boldly in strong boxed areas. Many contemporary men of the time are featured, but the painting also reaches back to classical times, with the inclusion of a Roman bust and Classical architecture in the background which contrasts strongly with the aeroplane and pilot. There is only one woman included in the painting, Jackie Kennedy, cradling her husband at the moment he was shot. She stands out, in-between Lenin and Einstein, not so much because she is a figure but because above her there is a bold red rose. For all the towering grandeur and accomplishments of these…

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